Dove Hunters continue time honored family tradition

For 65 years, members of the Hicks family have settled down at the Old Settlers and Veterans grounds for camping and dove hunting in nearby fields. Located between Marlin and Lott, the Old Settlers and Veterans grounds was named as one of the 14 most endangered places in the State of Texas in 2016.

And continues, to this day to be one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the state, drawing in crowds from all over the state for camping, hunting, and for their reenactments of the civil and Veterans Day celebrations. However, the Hicks family, starting in 1952, by their Grandfathers and Fathers, have come to these lands every year, aside from the year Hurricane Harvey struck, to celebrate this family tradition. The condition of the site does not make a difference, whether the grounds are in perfect condition, or are in less than desirable conditions for hunting, the group still keeps on coming. Though their stay this year at their usual hunting spot is now over until next year, there will be plenty more to enjoy in the coming months.



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