We celebrate Flag Day on June 14

June 14 has been designated as “Flag Day” At the beginning of the American Revolution, the colonists all had their own flag. June of 1775 found the Second Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia to create the Continental Army and this led to the creation of the American flag which would be considered “the Continental Colors.” 

George Washington and Betsy Ross worked together to create a new symbol of freedom. On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution that described this new flag. It would become “the flag of the United States” and would have 13 horizontal stripes alternating red and white. 

The color red represents readiness, valor, hardiness, and courage and has often indicated that it represents the blood shed by those who have fought to protect our freedom and our country. Because we are independent from other countries and hold true to our ideals, the white indicates purity and innocence. 

The flag would also  contain 13 white stars on a blue background located in an upper corner. This would represent the 13 colonies as a new constellation. The canton of blue stands for vigilance and perseverance as it reminds us that we must remain watchful and strong. 

It signifies justice for all! Some 100 years later, President Woodrow Wilson declared June 14 as Flag day commemorating the decree by the Second Continental Congress. The United States Army celebrates June 14 as the anniversary of their beginning June 14, 1777. 

Each time a state was added to our country, a star would be added to “Old Glory.” There have been 37 times that a star has been added to our flag, with Hawaii being number 50. Texas, known as “The Lone Star State” is number 28. 

Flag day is not an official holiday, but it is observed because “Old Glory” is a symbol of our democracy and our independence. Yes, she is a symbol to the world of freedom! A God given right, a freedom preserved by men and women that have sacrificed so much.  As we salute and pledge allegiance to our flag, we celebrate and honor the United States of America and we thank God for those that gave it to us.   


Stars And Stripes Forever 

Our flag waves majestic and proud o’er our land, 

A symbol that says we are free,

This great country where we ride for the brand

And this is her history.


In 1776, General George Washington would,

Pay a visit to Betsy Ross,

Showing a sketch of the flag as it stood,

Which she convinced him to toss


His stars had six points, but she suggested five,

Cutting was easier that way

In the end, a five pointed star would survive,

As it does on our flags today.


Seven red stripes and six that were white made the bars

At top right, a canton of blue

A background to sew Betsy’s five pointed stars,

To sparkle as our flag flew.


Thirteen stars for the original colony count,

On that flag, Betsy Ross sewed,

Flying at column’s front on flagbearer’s mount,

Our symbol of freedom rode.


We add another star as we add a state,

And slowly the total rose,

As stars were added, Texas made twenty-eight,

The strength of America grows.


Today, a canton of blue holds fifty stars,

Showing strength and unity,

Tyranny and oppression she still deplores,

Home of the brave land of the free!


Red, white, and blue, because those colors do not run,


She gives unity to us all,

Our flag waves to assure that freedom was won,

Because patriot met her call.

 You see, she flew as a symbol of a nations pride,

And at half-mast in times of gloom,

Or to cover the coffin for a heroes last ride,

Yet, bright as a flower’s bloom.


She was our banner as war was fought for liberty,

We held her high, freedom to save,

Through perilous war she waved, to keep us free,

America, land of the brave.


America! Stand up with hand over heart,

Pledge your allegiance to our flag,

Then proudly sing our anthem, freedom to impart,

Our God given right to brag!


So, as a nation we are united and strong,

Determined to finish the race,

We stand as our pride swells and on our lips a song,

Old Glory waves on through God’s Grace.


The stars and stripes, we pledge allegiance to thee,

Waving for the freedoms God gave,

The symbol of a nation that strives to be free, 

God Bless this land of the brave!

©  Ol’ Jim Cathey

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