Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving day. What does this day mean to you?

Yes, it is a special day that we get together with family and friends and enjoy a great meal together. But it should mean so much more to us than that.

Throughout the Bible, we see thanksgiving for our many blessings as a theme. When we give thanks to God, our sole motive should be pure gratitude. 

Even though this past year in 2020 has not been a good year for for so many people, we still have reason to count our many blessings and give thanks to God. Giving God thanks should be a theme running through our lives in both good times and  bad.

So as we pause  this day to give thanks to our Creator for our families, friends, our homes , our jobs and so many other things that we enjoy each day, just remember, this is not something that we do just one day a year at the end of November, it should be something we do each and every day of our lives.

Please let me wish you a happy Thanksgiving day to you and all of your family. May we all remember to give thanks to God each and everyday.

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