Snow strikes Falls County

A storm swept through Central Texas this weekend, bringing with it freezing temperatures and a veil of porcelain that covered the green and brown fields.

Snow fell wet and heavy for most of the day on Sunday, Jan. 10, and by the end of the snowstorm, Falls County had up to six inches of snow in certain areas.

“It was crazy out there,” said resident Melissa Mahoney, who lives in the downtown area. “It took awhile for it to stick, but it was coming down.”

School districts responded to the inclement weather as necessary, with each district approaching the slick roads in a different manner. Marlin ISD opted to transition to remote learning for Monday, Jan. 11,  Rosebud-Lott ISD delayed the start of classes by two hours that morning, and Chilton ISD cancelled classes entirely for the day. 

“In making a decision that will impact normal school operations, the Board and Executive Cabinet considered the following factors: student and staff safety; parents’ need to make arrangements; district resources to support operations; and the ability for transportation to access district roads and safely transport students,” explained Superintendent Dr. Darryl Henson in a letter to the MISD community. “Though learning will take place virtually on Monday, I encourage all to experience the joy that this winter weather brings!”

Residents took their snow day to the streets, with families crafting snow people in their yards, having snowball fights, and enjoying all that nature had to offer. Some travelled to local parks to revel in the mystery, with some children experiencing the winter wonder for the first time.

Many a reported accident came about as well between Sunday and Monday, Jan. 11, but there were no major injuries reported. Rumors of cars piled up along state highways kept people around their homes as much as possible.

It has been nearly a decade since the residents within the county have encountered the winter staple. On Feb. 4, 2011, Central Texas received ‘at least one inch’ of snow from a winter storm, but just one year earlier, on Feb. 23, 2010, there was a recorded three inches of snow in the area. Six inches were last reported in Central Texas on Jan. 13, 1982.

The largest winter storm snow total in Central Texas remains at 13 inches on December 20-21, 1929, where Hillsoboro sustained about two feet of impact and Falls County received less than 10. 

The rest of the week is set to resume temperatures in the upper fifties to mid sixties. It’s unknown when Falls County can again expect to be fluttered with falling snow, but they sure can expect to stay bundled up for the coming weeks.

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