Census work begins this week

Starting Tuesday May 26, U.S. Census workers have begun circulating through Falls County to start their work gathering essential information. 

The census gathering information from citizens that helps decide future funding for the county and city entities, as well as impacts decision making when it comes to incoming businesses. 

The information may be used in decisions concerning emergency preparedness and public safety as well. 

Having accurate information is incredibly important, as the census only occurs every ten years. Thesee numbers will impact Falls County and the City of Marlin for the next ten years.

Because of COVID-19, the procedures for field work will be a little different. All employees will carry their official badge, but will be armed with PPE. There will be no in-home visits and all inquiries will be contactless. 

Questionnaires will be dropped on the porch at addresses that have not completed the survey online. There should be no door knocking or interaction. 

Head to www.2020census.gov to complete the 2020 census online.

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