Rosebud-Lott ISD staff participates in active shooter training activity

While Rosebud-Lott students enjoyed a four-day weekend over President’s Day, Rosebud-Lott ISD employees underwent an active shooter training on campus.

There was some confusion on why RLISD had an extra day off until Superintendent Steve Brownlee addressed the community in a Facebook post over the weekend.

“I wish you all a super four-day weekend with your families,” Brownlee said in the post. “The kids should report back to school as scheduled on Wednesday. In the meantime, I wanted to give you a heads-up before the teachers and staff start back to school on Tuesday. We are doing a active shooter response training on Tuesday for all staff members. You may see or hear that there are multiple police/sheriff/constable vehicles on site and even a few gun shots heard. We pray that this is a practice in futility but want to be prepared to protect our kids if the situation arises. If you have questions, feel free to call me as always.”

The educator made it clear that while the district does not want the situation to occur, they feel the staff should be trained appropriately in the case that it does.

The warnings rang true as many law enforcement vehicles were seen on the Travis campus and gunshots could be heard from nearby homes and by passersby on Highway 77.

The social media response was all positive, as community members shared the post and commented their praise for the motivations of RLISD.

“Great job RLISD for being proactive and training the staff,” said one commentator. “I hope and pray you guys never have to experience it.”

As a community, we can hope that the skills learned during the training will never be needed, but will be forever grateful for the expertise had by the caretakers of the next generation.

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