Bill’s Dills

A caricature was given to Bill Range in 1984 by his mom, the late Gwynn Range. The quote that stated “What this generation needs is to learn to put up pickles” stayed with Bill throughout the years.  At the local First Methodist Church, Range facilitated a 4-day youth workshop on home pickling for Westphalia, Otto, and Rocky Hill 4-H members under the supervision of 4-H leader Anne Skrabanek. Classes provided hands-on experience for the kids. Range’s business is named Bill’s Dills and as of June 13 over 250 jars have been processed. Future pickling will include okra. Cheryl Pringle assists an Otto 4-H youth slice cucumbers and remove the flesh for the pickling process. Bill Range explains the importance of filling in spaces in the pickle jars. 4-H students shared assembly line by adding mustard seeds and fresh dill to the jars. Carol Sue Albright assisted with the supervision.




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