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City names new Emergency Management Coordinator

Jeremiah “Jay” Shults has been named Rosebud’s Emergency Management Coordinator. 

The City of Rosebud felt that after what happened in Franklin on April 13 the city needed a plan in place for natural disasters in case the city was hit. 

Emergency management is the process of dealing with extreme events that can disrupt communities, cause extensive damage or affect a large number of people. 

Shults will be creating a document that involves five phases: Prevention, which includes actions taken to avoid an incident or to intervene to stop an incident from occurring; Mitigation, which includes preventative actions taken to minimize the loss of life and property during a disaster; Preparedness, measures that prepare responding forces and citizens to take prompt, appropriate action in the event of an emergency; Response which has activities taken in an emergency to save lives and prevent harm to people and property; and Recovery, activities that restore property and systems to their normal condition before the event occurred. 

Shults will be working with agencies of the municipal, county, regional, state, and federal levels and complying with state and federal laws regarding emergency events. He will have many duties and responsibilities as emergency management coordinator, such as mutual aid agreements with neighboring municipalities, prepare and maintain an emergency operation plan, communicate with other emergency service organizations, creating documents to name a few. 

Hopefully Rosebud will never have to call the plan into action, but if so Rosebud will be ready. 

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