Commissioners accept Wideman’s resignation, discuss other topics

Falls County Commissioners met Monday, Jan. 10, with County Judge Jay Elliott presiding. Commissioners Milton Albright, F.A. Green, Jason Willberg and Nita Wuebker were present.

Opening with public comments, even though the county follows posting policies and procedures, a citizen expressed his concerns regarding prior to and other types of notifications that should be state-mandated.

Judge Elliot reported that finalizing the water flood plan was underway, but pace is controlled by the state. It was noted Falls County is the first in the state to receive grant funds for this type of project. 

Commissioner Willberg reported APEX (wind farms) proposal is in active status. 

Commissioner Green motioned to renew a five-year contract with Avenu Enterprise Solutions, LLC, an Information Technology Products and Archival Services. Motion carried. 

On other matters, because a special funds account was not established for the Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTIP), Commissioners agreed to set up a Special Fund account and repay monies that were deposited as county funds. Once courthouse renovations grant money is received from the state, reimbursement will occur. Commissioner Green moved to accept the SpyGlass Voice Data Services. Motion carried.

Commissioners agreed to accept the resignation of District Clerk, Christy Wideman, effective Jan. 15. After much discussion, Joan Kostiha was appointed as Interim District Clerk, Jan. 16 to March 14. An audit was requested prior to and after Kostiha’s term. The newly elected District Clerk will take the position effective March 16. 

Jeff Jackson, Road and Bridge Administration, reported the department is working with TXDOT inspecting bridges for repair. Commissioner Green moved to move forward with the John Deer lease. Motion carried.  He also moved to approve the payment of all bills, budget amendments, payroll and other department and non-departmental budgeted line items, seconded by Commissioner Albright. Commissioner Wuebker moved to accept the Dec. 21 minutes followed with the meeting adjourning.





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