Commissioners approve abatement for travel stop

The Falls County Commissioners Court met at the County Courthouse in Marlin on Monday, April 22, with Judge Jay Elliott presiding.  Commissioners present were Milton Albright (Pct. 1), F. A. Green (Pct. 2), Jason Willberg (Pct. 3) and Nita Wuebker (Pct. 4).  Asst. DA Attorney Steve Sharp was present.

Regarding the American Rescue Plan, Judge Elliott noted there were still a few grant recipients not in compliance. A letter written by the grant writer will be provided to the Commissioners.  To avoid termination, a letter and email will be sent to the recipients of the grant offering a last chance to meet the criteria with a June 30 deadline.

Anthony Beach and Associates presented an overview of the Texas Water Development Board Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) Report. Water sheds include Deer Creek (Chilton/Hwy. 77), Brushy Creek/Big Creek (SE of Marlin), Pond Creek (near Rosebud), Little Brazos and Brazos River. A step-by-step process of facilitating the plan was reviewed. The study is supported through grant funds.

Updates were presented by Judge Elliott regarding the Marlin Circle T Travel Center Tax Abatement and water. The travel center will take about three months to build and offer 15-20 job opportunities. Based on the store size, the existing septic system will be sufficient. After discussion, Commissioner Green moved to offer the proposed 100 percent abatement of (75 percent for 5 years and 25 percent for five years). Seconded by Commissioner Albright, the motion carried.

In other matters, the Commissioners approved the Guardian Security Solutions, LC service agreement. The Texas Mission of Mercy is sponsoring a free Dental Clinic, July 19-20, 2024. Services (age 8+) will include cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Starting at 6 a.m. until full capacity, the free clinic will be at 905 Durango Avenue in Chilton. For more information, visit 

Commissioner Albright moved to accept bonding of employees of the Sheriff Department, Deputy District Clerk and Auditor’s Office. Seconded by Commissioner Green, the motion was carried.

Brooke Thompson, MRB Group, submitted a proposal for professional architectural and engineering services at the Falls on the Brazos Park project. The park improvements are associated with a grant awarded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Moved by Commissioner Wuebker and second by Commissioner Willberg, the Commissioners approved the design services. Project overview proposes new, replaced, and renovated park facilities, musical/inclusivity area, new facilities such as disc golf course, game area, baseball/softball practice fields, firepit and additional RV hookup spaces.

Concerning the discussion of Senate Bill (SB 22), Commissioner Green moved to earmark the regular pay salary from the HB 22 grant portion which will be listed as a separate line item on the employee paycheck stub. Seconded by Commissioner Albright, the motion carried.  SB 22 grant info involves salary increases of the DA, Asst. DA, Investigators, Sheriff, Jailers and Traffic Stops Constable.

Since Falls County owns one of more bridges on a public road, FCR 325 at Hog Creek Relief #2064A, which is included in an approved off-state system federal-aid Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehab Program, Commissioner Willberg moved to accept the Advance Funding Agreement for Bridge Replacement. Seconded by Commissioner Wuebker, motion carried. Jeff Jackson, Road & Bridge Administrator, presented updates on personnel and upcoming work projects.

It was moved and seconded to approve the payment of all bills, payroll, and budget amendments. March 25 and April 8 minutes were approved with corrections. With no further business, Judge Elliott adjourned the meeting.







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