County sues Scaman over missing information, cleaning house

It was confirmed Monday after a commissioners court meeting that Falls County would be pursuing legal action against outgoing Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman due to missing reports needed for an audit required by law. 

The Falls County Sheriff's Office hasn’t been audited since 2013 though it is required every three years, according to Falls County Judge Jay Elliott. 

The Texas Commission of Jail Standards has given the county until Dec. 5 to file the missing records, which pertain to the Jail Commissary Account, Inmate Welfare Fund, Inmate Trust Account, and equipment inventory. 

They have no reason to believe that the information is incorrect or that any misdoings have occurred, but without the records, noone can be sure.

“If we find something that looks illegal, it will be given to the Texas Attorney General’s Office,” said Elliott.  “Good or bad, it will get handled.”

Elliott says that aside from the legal ramifications of the missing information, he is ensuring that records will be correct when Sheriff-elect, Joe Lopez, assumes his position. 

“We also want to ensure a good inventory, both of all county equipment and for the entire sheriff’s office, and that it’s all accounted for, and if it’s not somewhere it is supposed to be, we will go pick it up,” said Elliott.  “We need to ensure the guns and equipment we get through governmental programs are accounted for.”

Acting Sheriff Deputy Derrick Johnson is in charge of ensuring that personnel records are updated and the processes have been followed correctly.

The Sheriff’s Office is restricted to purchases less than $100 without approval from the commissioners. More information will be provided on this developing story as it is provided. 

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