COVID cases continue to climb

Coronavirus cases have risen steadily in Central Texas over past weeks and Falls County is finally starting to catch up to the curve. 

On Monday Feb. 1, there were an additional 110 cases identified within the county alone. The only time the number has been topped was back in October, when Falls County had two consecutive days of 130 and 122 additional cases. 

About 300 people were classified as an active status Monday, with an additional 150 probable cases. There have been a total of about 1,800 cases found in County residents. This is a significant increase from the start of the year, a whopping 58.4 percent increase from Jan. 1 to Feb. 1.

January also had a number of COVID-19 designated deaths. There was one on Jan. 5, Jan. 6, Jan. 10, Jan. 18, Jan. 23 and two on Jan. 15. 

Vaccine distribution is well underway, with Falls Community Clinic hosting those who qualify as soon as they can. They held a vaccine event Saturday afternoon and did their best to accommodate all who needed them

“Kudos and thanks to the staff at FCHC today. I have not seen so many people in one place in Marlin in a long time,” said Pam Kelly. ‘Yet the staff processed and vaccinated all of them (I guess), and with a friendly smile on their faces.  Thank you FCHC for providing such a critical service to our community and doing it well.”


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