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Rosebud-Lott Area Lions Club President, Jim Campbell, standing with a stack of newspapers from The Rosebud News’ back issues.

D. Brown Library continues newspaper archive work on The Rosebud News

A few months ago the owners of The Rosebud News donated all of the historical back issues to the D. Brown Memorial Library to be archived digitally.

For many years the Internet has been growing rapidly, and shows no signs of slowing down, so it made perfect sense to librarian Anita Bishop to archive the town’s history this way. Her logic is that doing this will make it easier for people to research their Rosebud roots for example.

Bishop has gotten a lot of support from volunteers, especially the Rosebud-Lott Area Lions Club, with the initial organization of all the books containing old copies of the paper, which goes back decades.

According to Lions Club president, Jim Campbell, the 1980’s are in order and ready to be archived. They will continue their efforts on Friday, September 15 at the old Rosebud News office on Main Street.

Bishop is still in the process of researching grants to help fund this undertaking because the library is a municipality, and not a 501c, there are different guidelines to grants than most organization have.

Her main focus is to find a grant that will allow the digital copies to be posted to as many places on the Internet as possible, and fund the digitization of as many years as possible.

Work slowed slightly during the summer as the library got busier with more patrons and then summer led straight into budget making time.

However, Bishop is looking forward to being able to devote more time to the project. Projects like this have been going on in many towns, especially the smaller ones. For many towns their newspapers are the most comprehensive record of the town’s history .

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