Falls County sees first confirmed CoVid-19 case

In a statement released by the Falls County Judge’s Office on Monday, March 23, it was announced that Falls County has had its first case of coronavirus within county limits. 

The statement declares that there is no threat to the community of Marlin or to Falls County.

It is unknown what part of the county this person resides in, but social media rumors began to fly before the press release was presented. 

The release details that the infected person was in a high-incidence area recently and immediately self-isolated when symptoms presented themselves. The entire household self-isolated upon realization, which seems to have had a positive effect on the situation. 

“The patient is recovering well,” the document read. 

CDC procedures are being followed in the coronavirus testing process by Dr. David Fedro, Chief of Staff at the FallsCommunity Hospital. 

Testing is limited to patients:

  • With known intimate contact with a person testing positive for coronavirus/CoVid-19

  • Who have traveled overseas or to a high incidence area and are symptomatic 

  • Who are being admitted to the hospital because of CoVid-19 symptoms

If symptoms appear, do not go to the hospital or clinic, but call to get instructions on how to receive proper care. 

Mild symptoms (such as cough, fever, and aches) should trigger immediate self-isolation. Family and household members should also self-isolate for 14 days after symptoms subside, according to the press release.

Visitation within nursing homes, hospitals, emergency rooms, and the use of waiting rooms are being kept to an absolute minimum.

Citizens are encouraged to maintain a high level of protection by: 

  • Washing hands for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer for the same amount of time

  • Avoid touching face/nose/mouth

  • Sanitize hands after touching publicly used objects like gas pumps or shopping carts

They are also reminded that large amounts of paper products, like toilet paper, are not needed at this time.

 Instead, citizens are encouraged to pick up: 

  • Tylenol (Acetaminophen, primary choice) or Advil (Ibuprofen) for general fever/aches/pains

  • Cough/Cold medicine, like Theraflu or Dayquil

  • Kleenex, for individual disposal after use

  • Hand Sanitizer/Gel

The press release ended with a statement:

“We will certainly have more cases as time goes on, but following guidelines will prevent this from becoming a severe life-threatening situation for our County.”

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