Marlin Farmers Market attempting to take root

The City of Marlin is looking for vendors to begin a weekly farmers market in its Historic Downtown District at the Lucille Williams Pavilion. The market is looking to kick off this Spring 2021.

“Farmers Markets are anchors to neighborhoods in many communities; they provide access to fresh foods, and create outlets for local artisans,” Bryan LeMeilleur, Director of Tourism and Marketing, said. “Marlin is an anchor to many communities within its proximity, I think it’s reasonable to view nearby towns as neighborhoods in-a-sense.”

“Thriving markets also boost the overall economy, and holding a market in our downtown creates increased foot traffic for brick-and-mortar establishments in our city as well,” LeMeilleur said. “The Marlin Farmer’s Market will become a destination for locals, and for visitors too. The historical Lucille Williams Pavilion is the perfect venue for just such an event. Farmers Markets magnify the importance of local access to natural healthy food systems. The global food system is too fragile for local residents to fully rely on. When produce can’t get to Marlin from 1,500 miles away, we should be able to trust that local agriculture producers and farmers within our own backyard that can provide for our nutritional needs and help insulate our area from global incidents and severe weather events.”

The city’s farmers market will offer limited space for use to local garden clubs/master gardeners, farmers and ranchers, and artisans (bakers, craftspeople, jam makers, etc.). They are also welcoming buskers (live musicians) and food truck owners to set up as well. 

“As the market grows, we hope to contribute in creating a greater sense of community within the community,” LeMeilleur said. “We want this farmers market to develop into a popular city attraction that folks near and not-so-near can rely on for their fresh fruits and vegetables.” 

The city will be looking into ways the vendors can provide the ability of accepting SNAP and other similar programs at the market. 

If you grow or harvest food, craft something unique, or want to perform at the Farmer’s Market, contact the City of Marlin via email at or (254) 883-1450 ext. 1025.

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