Preservation Rosebud plans Rosebud-Lott 50+ Reunion reception 

Members of Preservation Rosebud met for their quarterly meeting at the museum on Thursday, June 20. 

President Les Heugatter called the meeting to order with a tap of the gavel at 7 p.m.,  welcoming Becky Meacham, Marla Wallace, Greg Wallace and Fran Heugatter.

After the group approved the minutes and treasurer’s report unanimously, Vice President Greg Wallace explained recent necessary repairs to the HVAC system. Unfortunately, the trouble began before the Golden Years reception on April 6. That afternoon, an emergency board meeting was called to address the air conditioning repairs needed. 

Facilities manager James Prothro informed the board that the thermostats were obsolete and inoperable. Greg Wallace, Marla Wallace, Alfred Martinez, Les Heugatter and Fran Heugatter agreed to have Matt Hoelscher at Hoelscher Services make the necessary changes. Now the building can be comfortable when Preservation Rosebud hosts a morning reception for the upcoming Rosebud-Lott 50+ Reunion.

Secretary/Publicist Fran Heugatter brought two recent articles published in “The Rosebud News.” She shared a notebook containing articles from the paper. This coverage in our local newspaper is always appreciated. Members are encouraged to subscribe to “The Rosebud News.”

This year’s RHS Golden Years reception was well attended with over forty visitors including Lifetime Members Leola Komar, Richard Schigut, and Peggy Clark. Alumni toured the museum and enjoyed reconnecting with friends and former teachers. It was a time of laughter, fun and reminiscing.

Les Heugatter reminded everyone that the antique printing press located in the front yard needs repair to the fly wheel to stabilize it. Greg Wallace will get estimates for welding the loose part.

Greg and Marla Wallace have generously offered to complete the railroad display by donating a book about the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway. Carroll Warschak had previously loaned his copy for an open house. Thanks to the Wallaces for this important gift. 

Accessing the upstairs work area is possible only one way - up the staircase. Some members are uncomfortable climbing stairs with no handrail. Becky Meacham climbed the stairs and agreed there is a “no man’s land” near the top without anything to hold onto. Discussions are ongoing about how to address this safety issue.

Refreshments and mingling followed the meeting. French onion dip, chips, an assortment of cookies, iced tea and water were provided by the Heugatters. Marla Wallace’s signature buttermilk pound cake is always enjoyed.

Preservation Rosebud members will meet again for workdays to prepare for a 9-11 a.m. open house for the Rosebud-Lott 50+ Reunion on Aug. 3 to honor the Golden Cougars and give them a place to gather before the events at St. Anne’s Center begin.

Those wishing to donate to Preservation Rosebud may contact Treasurer Alfred Martinez at P.O. Box 792, Rosebud, TX 76570. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of air conditioning repairs, it would be much appreciated. Mark your check “Air Conditioning” and your gift will be designated for that expense.  Lifetime Memberships are available for $200 and yearly memberships are $20. New members, donations, and volunteers are always welcome. 


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