Preservation Rosebud welcomes Rosebud-Lott Alumni

Preservation Rosebud held an open house reception at the museum on Saturday morning, Aug. 5, for the Rosebud-Lott classes of ‘71, ‘72 and ‘73 to celebrate their 50+ year reunion.

Les and Fran Heugatter, La Verne Withers,  Becky Meacham and Sharon Saunders greeted the guests.

Henry and Sandra Bruggman Mayo, Rosebud-Lott class of ‘72, traveled from College Station to tour the museum before the luncheon at St. Ann’s Center.

Larry and Grace Smith Fulton, R-L class of ‘71, came from Plano for the day. Grace Fulton recalled coming to the Old City Hall for Campfire Girls meetings upstairs.

Shirley Harrison and Barbara Sapp, both of Rosebud, toured the museum. They paged through a 1954 annual donated by Doris Hoelscher and visited with La Verne Withers and Becky Meacham.

Caroline Akers Wright led husband Matthew Wright on a tour of the display area and storage room. 

While the reception went on downstairs, renovation work continued in the upstairs work area. Caroline Akers Wright and Alfred Martinez organized materials and donations while James Prothro rolled a primer coat onto the ceiling.

In the adjacent meeting room, visitors enjoyed iced tea and  mocha brownies, chocolate chip,  macadamia nut and key lime pie cookies. Thanks to Matthew and Caroline Akers Wright’s Artisan Alley, Tiffani Murray, La Verne Withers, Becky Meacham, and Les and Fran Heugatter for providing refreshments and to Becky Meacham for the lovely arrangements of  roses. 

The previous afternoon, it was all hands on deck to vacuum, dust and polish the museum. While James Prothro prepared the upstairs ceiling for paint, Les Heugatter and Greg Wallace cleared the storage area. Alfred Martinez, Becky Meacham,  Fran Heugatter and Joe Saunders cleaned the downstairs display area. Sharon Saunders added her special artistic touch to the sign in table. Joining the group was Marla Wallace.

Matthew Wright’s donation of bookshelves from a former law office were fitted into place in the upstairs work area by Les Heugatter and Alfred Martinez. As work continued Saturday afternoon, James Prothro completed the primer coat. The focus of Preservation Rosebud is now on renovating the second floor and amazing progress was made on this project.

In 2014, Marla Zipperlen Wallace, Rosebud-Lott class of ‘73, had a vision for a reception at the museum hosted by Preservation Rosebud to give the Rosebud High School Golden Years alumni a place to gather before their reunion. Those traveling distances could come to town and enjoy refreshments and time with friends. This event has continued through the years, and now that Rosebud-Lott graduates have marked their 50th year, Preservation Rosebud plans to make this an annual event. A 21 gun salute to Marla Wallace for beginning a legacy of hospitality at the Rosebud Museum. 

Preservation Rosebud’s next meeting will be on Thursday, Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. New members and visitors are always welcome.

Preservation Rosebud now has a Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook for upcoming announcements and events.

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