2021 has started out to be a tough year

The year 2020 was, for the most part, a weird and a horrible experience. To some, it could not have been worse, yet some of us were blessed to only suffer inconveniences. But I think you will agree that we were all glad to see 2020 come to an end. 

2021 will be better, or so we thought, however, it has started out as an unofficial tough year itself! So, we should keep in mind that old saying, “When the going gets tough the tough get going!”  

This thought started me to thinking about how blessed I have been and with a grateful heart I began to think about why I should be thankful. And that thought opened the floodgates! 

First, I realized that grace, given by my Lord and Savior, Jesus, should be my first thank you. Next would come my sweet Mama and my dear ol’ Daddy who sacrificed and nurtured me to be a lad with the ability be a good citizen. Of course, family, friends, and neighbors made their contributions. 

My next thought went to the soldier, the women and men in the military that sacrificed so very much that I might have the opportunity to grow up in a wonderful country with the freedom to be all that I chose to be, to reach unobtainable heights in my quest, and to realize my upmost dreams. Knowing that I am protected by the Constitution that was established by our forefathers, men of foresight and respect, men that followed the guiding hand of God while making their decisions, men that put their life on the line as they forged a new nation. 

These were the leaders that set the example for a nation of brave and resourceful people. A population that would proclaim God, country, and family as they built and established this land of the free and the home of the brave. Citizens that would give thanks to God, pledge allegiance to “Old Glory” our flag and swear to uphold our Constitution! Giving us all the ability to face tomorrow knowing that we live in a land of opportunity where we can dream big, knowing that our goals are obtainable. 

So, with a grateful heart, I thank God for His Grace, and I am thankful that we can live a life where each day we are safe and that we are kept safe by our military, police, firefighters, and first responders. Men and women that unselfishly serve to provide us with the confidence to keep growing and developing, a life where we are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all! 

These groups have been an essential force throughout the years of our nations development and now that we have faced this coronvirus, that group has increased to include other populations. Think about it, you might be amazed just who has been added. Just for starters, we will add ER staff and nursing home workers, especially the hourly paid workers. What about grocery store clerks, restaurant workers, and other day laborers that are in the same boat with people on jobs that can’t be done at home? 

The farmers and ranchers, yes, they work outside, but often find themselves in situations that require them to be with others that provide a needed service. I know that I have skipped over many, but you see how this list goes on and on! One group that comes to mind is … YOU! 

Each one of us have sacrificed some whe

n we make a decision to wear a mask, stay at home, social distance, or just plain do without. And then there is church. Many Americans had already made the choice to stop going to church. It was a growing trend. During this epidemic, many churches found that they could use the internet to stream their services, but that only made it easier for folks to quit attending church altogether. At a time when we should be pleading with God to heal our land, we tend to turn away! 

I remember an old saying, “The one that deserves love the least, needs it the most!” God loves us, the Bible tells us so, but we need to ask for God to forgive us and once again guide our paths. Getting back to church is a good start. Because the Good Lord has plans for each one to see beyond our troubles as we are beginning 2021. And I think most of you would agree that life continues to be good for the most part, and that we continue to face our day-to-day struggles with a confidence that no matter how hard times might be and no matter how many curve balls come our way we can face tomorrow because God’s Grace allows us to keep on keeping on! And please remember to show gratitude by saying thank you to those that strive to make a difference even if they must sacrifice to do so. We have been dealt our hand, so give it your best!


Playin’ the Cards Thet You Wuz Dealt


Its shore ‘nuff been a spell since folk came to this land,

a-lookin’ fer a new start a way to get ahead.

‘Cuz they’d been made to knuckle under to tyrants

makin’ new laws in the homeland that they had fled.


Now this wuz shore ‘nuff historic times, don’t you see.

Most folk were jest a-lookin’ fer a fresh beginnin’

an’ a new home that would allow them to be free.

Gainin’ fame, an’ riches, an’ freedoms they’d be winnin’.


Now this job can’t be done by just one person.

 A company of folk   having   talents for each task

could work together fer survival of the group,

 thankin’ the Good Lord for the mercies they would ask.


A leader will step up to give guidance to a group.

an’ we can all have a say about who it will be.

Our constitution says we have the right to vote,

a God given right that belongs to you an’ me!


 You see, life ain’t never been what you’d call a done deal.

Most folk will seek help when trouble rears its ugly head.

 Fellers that just asts fer help when they are in a bind,

will often find they come up mighty short instead.


But, a feller in the habit of askin’ daily,  

finds a strength that bolsters ‘em through the day.

An’ more’n likely will be able to figger out

a trail that will keep ‘em goin’ the right way.


The way I figgers it, each feller is dealt a hand.

You take whats been give no matter what you felt.

Sometimes it’s shore ‘nuff hard to understand,

but you have got to play the cards that you were dealt!


Join us Sunday at 11 a.m. at First Baptist Marlin, or the church of your choice.

Pray for our nation and say thank you every chance you get.  

God bless each of you and God Bless America! 







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