America is kept great by the efforts of our veterans

Make America great again! Truth is our country has been kept great by the efforts of our Veterans! America! And just what made this country so great? So many things that pages have trouble containing them all. 

So, where does the credit go? I would say it goes to the brave people that first set foot on this continent, and then to each one since that first immigrant to this land. And how did they achieve success? 

Through their strong character and the Grace of God that gave them the faith to step forward. We enjoy our God given rights because of their actions! We thank the Good Lord for our Veterans because brave men and women conceived the idea of living in a country that would be free from a tyrants rule. They wanted to bow to the Cross and not to a mortal king. 

A country where they could have freedom to govern themselves, to base their laws on Godly principles, and to have freedom of religion where they could serve a living God each and every day. But would they be proud of America today? Yes, because these heroes believe that God will guide our paths in such a way that America will continue to be the greatest nation on the earth. 

The brave men and women of our military, and that includes all veterans from the first soldier that this land produced to our present-day heroes, have sacrificed and put their lives on the line that each one of us might be allowed to experience the freedoms that they fought to preserve. 

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, each one of us should stop whatever our busy lives have us doing and find the time to reflect on the marvelous freedoms that are ours to enjoy through the Grace of God and the strength of our Veterans! These freedoms are numerous, and it should take you a good amount of time to recount them all. And while you are at this task, be mindful of the many sacrifices the women and men of our military have made that you might reap the benefit! 

At this point, I would hope you would send aloft a prayer of thanksgiving, not only for those freedoms, but for those brave souls that help preserve them for us. God’s Grace has allowed our country to become the grandest place to live that anyone could hope for. So, gents remove your lids and ladies stand in awe as Old Glory flutters over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! 

Thomas Jefferson once said. “God who gave us life, gave us liberty.” And John Hancock remarked, “Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual.” And we find in the Bible at Galations 5:1, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free.” So, my prayer is that America remains strong and free and Christian! And I am grateful for the women and men that have made these freedoms possible. Thank you, Veterans, for your service to our country!



Oh Veteran, steadfast and true,

Our gratitude we give to you,

With all our sincerity.


You come from all walks of life,

Brother, Sister, Husband, or Wife,

Stride out to meet your destiny.


Son, Daughter, Mother or Dad,

Friend, Uncle and Aunt, Lass or Lad,

America’s fraternity.


You could be a bosom pal,

Just a lad or lovely gal

Each with a sense of dignity.


You are naught but common folk,

That stood up to take the yoke,

You stand for freedom and liberty.


You stand there strong, and proud, and tall,

To keep our freedom from a fall,

In the face of adversity.


You face our foe with great resolve,

Though danger it will involve,

The true test of intrepidity.


And you will go where you are sent,

Protecting freedom is the intent,

From now to posterity.


The freedom you vow to save,

In this land of the free and the brave,

Observance of veracity.


To keep the peace upon this sod,

With love of country and faith in God,

With all strength and loyalty.


Thank you, straight from our public heart,

You stood your ground you did your part,

To give us freedom and unity!


Oh, Veteran steadfast and true,

Our gratitude we give to you,

With all our sincerity!.

©  Ol’ Jim Cathey

 Take time tell a Veteran, “Thank you, for your service to our country!”

Pray for rain! Join us at First Baptist Marlin at 11:00 Sunday morning.

God bless each of you and God Bless America!









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