On The Back Porch

Napoleon Bonaparte is credited with the quote, “An army moves on its stomach.” Probably a truism in many camps, though, Napoleon’s army was required to find their own groceries! But I think you would agree with me that a well fed group should be more productive. The American cowboy was prone to migrate toward an outfit that had a reputation for providing excellent western fare. And this was usually attributed to the orneriest most cantankerous hand on the range…the Camp Cook! Now our outfit was not big enough to have a hand hired just to cook, so that chore fell to my Mom…Mammy, as she came to be called when the Grandkids came along. Now she was only “onery and cantankerous” when us youngsters were acting up or she was tired of putting up with my Dad’s foolishness. But, I am here to tell you she could spread that table with some of the best groceries a fellow could swallow down! Her biscuits would stand a challenge from the most famous of chefs…but that’s another story.


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