To beautiful, beautiful Texas this Independence Day

Howdy! When you hear that salutation, you are most likely in Texas, and you will find that is how all Texas A&M Aggies greet you. 

That manner of speaking is just one of numerous traits of a Texan! There are many because it has been said that there are more Texas sayings than you can shake a stick at! 

A few that come to mind are: “Texas Tough-Texas Strong, Honest as the Day is Long, Proud to be a Texan, No Fear and No Quit, and Don’t Mess With TEXAS! And yes, we do have the gift of gab because most of us have had a chance to “Kiss the Blarney Stone.” 

You see....I ‘spect there is a wee bit o Irish in a lot of us and a right smart in some. But there is not a doubt in my mind that there is a passel of folks that stand straight an’ tall when Texas comes to mind. 

When they think about the heroes of the Alamo and the Rose of San Antonio or all of the many icons made famous from the Lone Star State. An’ their Heart gets as big as Texas when they hear Earnest Tubb sing “Waltz’ Across Texas!”  

March 2 is not only Texas Independence Day, but also Texas Flag Day as well as Sam Houston’s birthday. Texas has seen her share of hard times through the years, but the people were resilient and strong hearted. They had stay power and grit! 

Much of it came from their ancestors that often proved Texans had no fear and no quit!  The name Texas comes from the Caddo Indian word “Tejas” that means “friend” giving rise to the state motto, “Friendship.”

This can’t be said better than in the words of a chorus to Pappy Lee O’Daniels song, “Beautiful, Beautiful Texas.”  


To beautiful, 

beautiful Texas

Where the beautiful bluebonnets grow

We’re proud of our forefathers

Who fought at the Alamo

You can live on the plains or the mountains

Or down where the sea breezes blow

And you’re still in beautiful Texas

The most beautiful place that I know



Texas, our Texas…that’s how the song goes,

swells us with pride plumb down to our toes.

I reckon back yonder when God made the Earth,

He set aside Texas, ‘cuz He could see it’s worth

as a possible home for various things,

that could bite, claw, an’ kick you, an’ ply you with stings.


He made it hot an’ humid except out on the plain,

‘cuz that’s a spot He chose to never let it rain.

Then He made man an’ animals an’ plants,

some beautiful birds an’ lots of red ants.

There was scorpions an’ lizards there by the gross,

some noisy rattle snakes that make you say “adios.”


He put in a seashore, mountains, an’ trees.

Good fertile country with lakes big as seas .

Long windin’ rivers an’ desert land too,

pert near covered it all afore He was through.

As He neared the end of that marvelous job,

He knew that some creations would shore play hob.


So He stuffed ‘em in a tow sack plumb to the brim,

He lassoed the top an’ then on a whim…

He filled up another pert near to the top,

an’ wrapped  ‘em together like they was the crop.

So now He had two bags full of bad’uns to toss,

an’ He knew there’d be more that He’d  come across.


Wal, He set into thinkin’ jest what He could do,

about this here “Texas” an’ He thought it plumb through.

Then the idea came upon Him in a flash,

of jest what He could do with this contrary stash.

So he called Ol’ Lucifer… the Devil, you know,

an’ made him a deal that’d cost him no dough.


Sez, “I’ve got some country that’s almost like Hell,

an’ if you chose to take it, you’ll shore think it’s swell.

Why, that ol’ country shore ought to suit you,

it’s  hot an’ dry… an’ I’ll throw  these bags in  too!”

So He give him Texas an’ those two full bags,

such a deal the Devil got, an’ ‘cordin’ to his brags,


his favorite spot was near the Rio Grande,

but he shore had trouble when he made his stand.

Fer them ol’ bags busted an’ the critters got out,

an’ they bit ‘em an’ stung ‘em an’ shore made him shout.

The temperature got hotter with him in the shade,

an’ the water was gyppy an’  the food all decayed.


Now, the Texans threatened to yank on his tail,

an’ the last time they seen him, he’s burnin’ the trail.

“Why,” he sez, “I ain’t never had trouble this hard!”

So he cleared up his dealin’s he had with the Lord.

Then he sent back his title  to this real estate…

after makin’  durn shore that he had shut the gate.


An’ he allowed as how Texas got rid of him fast.

Hell is his home, an’ shore glad to be there at last!

Now I can’t figger what’s wrong with that cuss,

‘cuz Texas shore seems to suit all of us.

An’ I shore thank the Lord, as I say my prayer,

that I’m here in Texas, an’ the devil’s down there!

©  Ol’ Jim Cathey


 “Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”

God Bless each of you and God Bless Texas!

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