Don’t Miss Heaven!

There was an old preacher that loved his children dearly and longed for them to live right. As they grew older, he did not want to brow beat them or make them think he was always preaching to them, so he looked for a way to lovingly and gently encourage them. He came up with his own catch phrase. It was, “Whatever you do, don’t miss heaven!”

As each child graduated and moved out of the house, he urged, “Whatever you do, don’t miss heaven!” As they began to experiment with the “pleasures” and the “ways” of the world, he gently implored, “Whatever you do, don’t miss heaven!” Then as they gathered around his bed, wit tears in their eyes, watching their father take his last few breaths on this side of eternity, they heard him whisper one last time, “Whatever you do, don’t miss eternity!”

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