Eclipse and Hurricane

A few weeks ago, America witnessed two natural occurrences. One was on Monday, August 21. All eyes turned skyward as we saw something only God can control.

A total solar eclipse crossed our nation and Americans took time out of their busy lives to take a glimpse at something that only occurs maybe once in a lifetime.

Later, Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) commented on his FB page. “When Jesus died, the sun was blacked out for three hours as our Lord and Savior hung on the cross. God blackened the sun and the Son of God took on the sins for all humanity.” What a time that must have been, God’s hand in such an amazing work.

Then as the week progressed, we started witnessing and feeling another natural occurrence, a hurricane.

God’s hand and might were felt as wind and rain tossed and jolted the Gulf of Mexico. No one, not even government officials, expected such a fury to be unleashed.

The first major hurricane to hit Texas in twelve years. As the hurricane landed and stalled and pushed toward Houston and the coastal area, it dumped an unbelievable amount of water, 9,000,000,000,000 (trillion) gallons of water. That is enough to fill the Empire State Building three times!

There was nothing humans could do to stop either one of these occurrences from happening. Signifying to the world that God is greater and mightier than we can imagine.

God’s will and might are not to be reckoned with and life can change quickly.

Texas of course is a big state with a big heart and people are helping people more than we will know. God’s hand always is there to help us when things are bad.

Looking up and looking forward are ways God can be in our lives. God’s wondrous power is just a glance away. Looking up to the heavens and seeing His beauty or in the eye of a storm as it tosses the Texas coast proves to all of us that God is near.

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