Going the extra mile may bring surprise

Many years ago there was an elderly lady strolling through a Pittsburg department store, obviously just killing time. 

She passed counter after counter without anyone paying any attention to her. All the clerks spotted her as an “idle looker” who had no intention of buying anything. They made it a point to look in another direction when she stopped by their counters. 

Finally the lady came to a counter that was attended by a young clerk who politely ask her if he could help her. 

“No,” she replied. “I am just killing time and waiting for the rain to stop so I can go home.” 

“Very well, madam,” the young man said with a smile. “May I bring a chair out for you?” 

And he brought it out before she could answer. After the rain slacked, the young man took the lady by the arm and told her good bye. As she left, she asked for his card.

Several months later, the owner of the store received a letter asking that this young man be sent to Scotland to take an order for the furnishings of a home. The owner of the store wrote back and said he was sorry but that man did not work in the home furnishing department. But he said he would be glad to send a more experienced man to do the job. 

Back came a reply that said that no one would do except this particular young man. The letters were signed by Andrew Carnegie and the “house” he wanted to furnish was Skibo Castle in Scotland. 

He received an order for several thousand dollars worth of household furnishings and with it a partnership in the store. He later became the owner of a half interest in the store. It was all because this young man went the extra mile to help this lady.

“And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.” (Matthew 5:41)

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