Love One Another

Weekly Devotional

This week is a great time to talk about something very special and that is the subject of love. This week is Valentine's week. 

Schools may have parties, commercials are geared to help us pick the perfect gift,florists are swamped and chocolate is in demand. 

Everywhere you look, hearts are on display. Last year, American consumers spent $18.9 billion dollars on Valentine gifts for their loved ones. 

But why do we need a special day to show our love for that "special someone" or even one another? Love is very important to God. 

The word "LOVE" is mentioned 310 different times in the KVJ of the Bible. Love should be a habit in our lives and not just something that we do once or twice a year.

 Peter tells us in I Peter 1:22"...see that ye love one another..."

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to express our love for our spouse, family members, children, grandchildren and others. 

Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount to "Let our lights shine toward all men." 

We should let our love shine to all as well every day of the year. Happy Valentine's Day to each and everyone.

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