Mammy an’ the Black Baldy

Mother’s Day is near, and I think it would be a good time to talk about the many things they do just to keep a family going and life running smoothly. 

I am afraid it is just human nature to take for granted all that a mother tends to do for her brood. We enjoy and … yes … expect our “Moms” to do the menial everyday tasks that keep a family operating. Yet, we also expect them to drop everything and give us their full attention the very minute that we have a particular need arise! 

They are comforter, counselor, healer, provider, and our rock! And it doesn’t matter that they are worn and frazzled from a full day’s work, or that they may be sick or feeling bad, or maybe pulled in several directions because of other needs. Nope! You need what you need, and you need it now! 

But think about this, the family dog is a most forgiving animal. You can actually ignore or mistreat them, and they will still wag their tail and lick you in the face, just as if you had lavished tons of attention on them.

Moms are also very forgiving, and they yearn to meet each of our needs. Moms are so very important, yet sometimes we treat them cold and selfish with unfeeling thoughts and expect them to react in a loving manner. An’ Dang it! Most of the time they do, and we take it for granted. 

Try this, give your Mom a hug and a smile or even a little peck on the cheek, then tell her thanks and ask her if you could carry part of her load. You will not believe the warmth of her smile or the bright twinkle in her eye that occurs when you do that tiny little bit! A box of candy or some flowers will get you more mileage than you will ever need! Mothers are extremely important… Mary brought us Jesus, our Savior. And others throughout history have brought children into this world that has helped write that history. 

They are the very backbone of our universe. Volumes have been written about them. History has depended on them. Our own nation has become great because of them. Democracy has thrived because of them. Families have survived because of them. And you and I are here because of them. A void, caused by their absence or incapacity, leaves each of us cold, scared, and helpless. But we still expect them to do it all! Yes, even the West won because of them!                                                                  

This poem is based on a true story from my youth. My Dad, Pappy, had bought a bunch of cattle that included a black baldy (black body, white face, no horns) that was a bit skittish and seemed to go hog wild if a lady wearing a skirt or dress was present. An’ all the ladies nearly always wore a skirt or dress. Very few would wear britches in those days. Mammy is my own Mom, Lena Maurine Cathey, and yes, she was that tough!


Mammy an’ the Black Baldy


As we sit around this campfire,

I’ve got this tale fer you.

It is a bit unusual,

an’ maybe puzzlin’ too.


See, Pap had been to Thursday sale,

an’ bought a pen of pairs.

Amongst ‘em, was a black baldy.

mean as a dozen bears.


She was some partial to her calf,

kept eye on everyone.

An’ when ‘twas time to work that calf,

here she’d come on the run!


He’d bawl an’ she’d charge that ol’ fence,

which was shore ‘nuff hog tight.

But she still gives it a good bounce,

got madder at its bite.


The more he bawled an’ thrashed about,

the more she worked that pen.

She’d charge, slobberin’ in the dust,

jest raisin’ hell, an’ then.


Ridin’ up, quite unaware,

rode Mammy on her hoss.

Ol’ Baldy seized her chance right now,

intent to show who’s boss.


Blind rage unleashed, she crossed the ground,

new target now to smash!

Her beller made a turrble sound,

shore ‘nuff a-talkin’ trash! 


Mam’s hoss had heard that chargin’ cow,

an’ quickly jumped aside.

Left Mam a-sittin’ in the air,

came down upon that hide.


Ol’ Baldy overshot her mark.

an’ skidded to a stop.

Mam jumped off, madder than that cow,

with her quirt, she gave a pop!


Jest made Ol’ Baldy madder.

Red eyed an’ breathin’ fast,

she wheeled around to charge again.

But Mam give her a blast,


of cuss an’ quirt, so furious,

She changed her attitude.

Ol’ Baldy turned an’ ran away,

plumb finished with this feud.


‘Cuz Mam was good at learnin’ critters

how not to act a fool,

so, when Ol’ Baldy made her charge…

Well, Mam jest sent her back to school!

© Ol’ Jim Cathey


So, take time to give a hug, say thanks, give a hand, or a loving thought or memory to MOM!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. 

God bless each of you and God Bless America!




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