Missed opportunities

As we look back on our lives, is there any opportunities that we have missed out on in life? Maybe it was a financial venture. Maybe some money we had the opportunity to invest in something. Maybe it was an opportunity to help someone in need and we failed to do it and now we regret that we did not do it.

Years ago there was a man by the name of Walter that had a good friend by the name of Authur. One day Walter called Arthur and ask him to take a ride with him out in the country. They drove off the main road and kept driving until it seemed they were out in the middle of nowhere. There were just a few horses in the pasture and some old shacks that were barely standing. Walter tried to convenience his friend Arthur to buy some of the land. Walter said, “I am gong to start a project and I am going to give you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.”

Walter explained to his friend Arthur that the main project was going to take all his money, but he said that he would give him first chance at the surrounding acreage. He said in the next five years the value of the land would increase several hundred times. Arthur thought how crazy the idea was. Twenty-five miles from nowhere. He told his friend Walter that his money was tied up elsewhere and he was going to pass on the opportunity.

And so Art Linkletter turned down the opportunity to buy up all the land that surrounded what was to become Disneyland. His good friend Walt Disney tried to talk him into it. But Art Linkletter thought he was crazy!

Just how many opportunities do we let pass us by? Not an opportunity to make money, but just an opportunity to good. To say a kind word to someone. Just take some time to listen. Or maybe invite someone to attend services with you. The Apostle Paul writes, “As we therefore have opportunity let us do good to all men.” (Galations 6:10)

Larry Jackson-Minister
Rosebud Church of Christ


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