The National Day of the Cowboy celebrated

Saturday, July 24, 2021, was designated “The National Day of the Cowboy.” 

The American cowboy appeared on the western scene because circumstances demanded it. He was not trained nor skilled in the art of “cowboying.”  

In fact, he was probably nothing more than a young lad that life had forced to accept the responsibility of taking care of himself. Sometimes an older child in a large family that found it necessary to strike out on his own so that the younger children would have a chance to survive. These young men learned to fend for themselves and quickly developed into confident, willing to learn, hard working hands. 

Work was available after the War of Northern Aggression on the western cattle ranches that had sprung up to meet the northeastern demand for beef. They soon discovered that no matter what obstacles blocked their path such as weather, fear of failure, just plain tough luck, and even lack of experience, all of these could be overcome by an inherent trait called “try.” 

They soon developed the attitude of “no fear and no quit” and built a reputation of having lots of heart, grit, and guts! They developed an indomitable will and that was their strength. At this point, they naturally fell into following the code of the west, developing traits such as honesty, being courageous, modest, respectful of ladies, other folks, and the land, taking care of others such as friends, and always take care of your horse before yourself. 

One thing that was necessary to learn quickly was never complain about the cooking, because that cantankerous ol’ cook might just shoot you or just up an’ quit and you might be given the cookin’ chores!  Learn to live by the Golden Rule and always ride for the brand! America produced some stout young folks in its historic yesteryear and continues today. America will tend to remain great, because we have young folks that are willing to carry the load. Oh, they might not start at such a young age, but they have what it takes and I thank God that they are our future leaders!

2 Timothy 2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


Tryin’ to Make a Hand


I was just a young feller with his dreams, ‘bout life an’ adventuresome schemes,

Sometimes they just come around,

‘Course I had a good pony too, a fine ol’ horse that I called Blue,

He was stout an’ mighty sound.


So this itch I thought I’d rub, grabbed a bedroll an’ some grub, 

Throwed a saddle on ol’ Blue,

They said a job waited for me, so I figgered we’d go have a see,

A western man’s word is always true.


But the heat of a hot summer day, gets you thinkin’ of a restful way,

That sun makes you partial to the shade,

So a big ol’ tree you’d seek, down there by the cool of a creek,

You could sit an’ figger you’ve got it made.


In the shade of that tree, you shore felt free,

In the heat of a summer day,

Sometimes your mind would roam, maybe clean back to home,

An’ you wondered why you didn’t stay.


Then you kinda shook your head, ‘cuz you knew exactly why you’d fled,

Just not much else you could do,

You warn’t partial to followin’ that mule, ‘bout the same with school,

Those far mountains was callin’ you.


Then your thoughts scattered out, gave you stuff to think about

While you sat there in that shade,

You could hear that creek a runnin’, see that ol’ moccasin just asunnin’,

on that willow limb where he laid.


Your ol’ hoss was a nippin’ grass, he’d give you no sass,

He was mellow as could be,

You knew he’d let you know, if trouble tried to show,

He was watchful don’t you see!


That hot sunshine came burnin’ through, hotter than smoke up a flue,

As only hot summer days could,

Some breeze, but it was blowin’ hot, and well, that just gave you thought, 

Made that shade look purty good,


A breeze was wigglin’ them leaves, rattlin’ like a den o’ thieves,

A sassy ol’ squirrel with his bark,

Chattered up there on that limb, like we were interested in him,

Of course, that’s just his trademark.


Then your eyes would sorta droop, an’ drowsiness would swoop,

Around you like a fuzzy glow,

That ol’ hoss fly would make you slap, an’ you knew you’d get no nap,

‘cuz you still had a ways to go.


So you whistled for ol’ Blue, knowin’ he’d come right straight to you,

Its about time we hit the trail,

You figgered to reach town by nightfall, bed down in a livery stall,

Leave at first light without fail.


Just be a short mornin’ ride, for unless that booger lied,

There’ll be work for you an’ me,

That’s exactly what we come to do, this young cowboy an’ Ol’ Blue

We’ll make a hand for the Quarter Circle C.

©  Ol’ Jim Cathey


Proverbs 16:3  Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.


God Bless our young people, the American Cowboy, and God Bless America!


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