Play the cards you were dealt

It’s my personal belief that if our great country, The United States of America, is to survive the toils and tribulations caused by the world’s current unrest, WE, as its people, must collectively demand that the federal government adhere to the constitution and uphold and enforce those laws properly. 

If modern situations give cause for constitutional changes, then there are procedures put in place to make those changes and they should be used. It is my opinion that all elected officials, including judges, should have term limits. Such limits would help deter temptations that encourage graft and greed! 

As a result of term limits, we should see more curtailment of power and give better accountability. I have heard it said that the American people were once a nation of doers. Our history shows that this is true. But now, we have become a nation of takers and we have allowed permissiveness to seep into our society. To utter a word of criticism against some of the terrible social practices that have become so commonplace is practically unheard of! Why? 

Are we afraid that we will be considered “old-fashioned” or at the very least out of touch with reality? We need to stiffen our backbone and standup and speak out for what is right! Maybe even reestablish our core values. 

As a Christian, I believe that we need to spend a lot of time praying that God will help our country regain its position in the world. Our God is a loving God, but He will not allow us to put material things and loose morals ahead of Him! Pray for Christian leadership. Our forefathers put everything on the line when they signed The Declaration of Independence because they believed in our country and envisioned a people living a life free from tyranny. They said our freedom was a God-given right. Yet we are losing so many of those freedoms. 

A thief in the night is sneaky and quiet. They have committed their dastardly deed and vanished back into the night with us believing that all is well. Wake up folks! Our freedoms are disappearing! We need to embrace that thought as we prepare to elect new leaders in the upcoming and future elections. It seems that many of our political leaders, for the most part, are inept and unwilling to stand up for the good of America! We need strong leadership that has some good common sense and the courage to put America first!  Yes, I know that there are still some good men and women in leadership rolls and we should give them our support because inept politicians are a definite stumbling block to most anything that would be good for America! 

For instance, immigration policy that is being totally ignored. Many of America’s citizens are immigrants or products of immigrants, but they followed the law of the land using proper immigration procedures and many eventually becoming citizens of our grand country. They brought many skills that are beneficial to our American way of life. But they did this in a legal manner and our country was the better for it. 

Many of today’s illegal immigrants will become law abiding and add their skill set to America’s list, but we must understand that many come across our borders meaning to do harm! Many of these that answer to evil men, foreign governments that mean to do harm to America, and the criminal element of cartels and gangs. 

We the people must be ever vigilant to this vile threat that is engulfing us. Our best tool for accomplishing this goal is our right to vote and our voice. We must cast-off division and once again become a Country United against wrong thinking, loose morals, and the spread of complacent decadence! America, put on God’s armor and prepare yourself for this battle!                                                        My Ol’ Daddy would always say, “Keep a sharp eye for danger, always help your neighbor, ride a good hoss, but swap mounts afore he gets wore out, and stand firm for right!”  I am sure he would have also said, Honor your God, family, and Country!” 


Playin’ the Cards Thet You Wuz Dealt


Its shore ‘nuff been a spell since folk came to this land,

a-lookin’ fer a new start, a way to get ahead.

‘Cuz they’d been made to knuckle under to tyrants

makin’ new laws in the homeland that they had fled.


Now this wuz shore ‘nuff historic times, don’t you see.

Most folk were jest a-lookin’ fer a fresh beginnin’

an’ a new home that would allow them to be free.

Gainin’ fame, an’ riches, an’ freedoms they’d be winnin’.


No, it shore ain’t a smooth pathway that one might pick,

An’ it won’t be easy to step up an’ make your stand,

But you must persevere an’ be vigilant for the tyrant’s trick,

Keep your values, stand firm, an’ always ride for the brand


Now this job can’t be done by just one person.

 A company of folk   having   talents for each task

could work together fer survival of the group,

 thankin’ the Good Lord for the mercies they would ask.


A leader will step up to give guidance to a group.

an’ we can all have a say about who it will be.

Our constitution says we have the right to vote,

a God given right that belongs to you an’ me!


 You see, life ain’t never been what you’d call a done deal.

Most folk will seek help when trouble rears its ugly head.

 Fellers that just asts fer help when they are in a bind,

will often find they come up mighty short instead.


But, a feller in the habit of askin’ daily,  

finds a strength that bolsters ‘em through the day.

An’ more’n likely will be able to figger out

a trail that will keep ‘em goin’ the right way.


The way I figgers it, each feller is dealt a hand.

You take whats been give no matter what you felt.

Sometimes it’s shore ‘nuff hard to understand,

but you have got to play the cards that you were dealt!

© Ol’ Jim Cathey


Join us Sunday morning at First Baptist or the church of your choice 

Prepare yourselves with the facts and when the time comes… vote responsibly!

God bless each of you and God Bless America!

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