We shouldn’t get so set in our ways

There once was a man who was having dizzy spells . He had redness in his face and had bulging eyes. Every day when he went to work he experienced these things. 

Now the week ends were not so bad. So he concluded that it was his work that was causing his problems. So he went from one doctor to another and no one could find out what was wrong. So he made an appointment with a psychiatrist and even a psychologist. He just wanted some answers. What was causing him to have redness in the face, dizzy spells and bulging eyes?

He finally resigned himself to the fact that whatever was causing all of his problems was fatal. It bothered him so much he began to lose weight. He couldn’t sleep at night. He had lost all hope that he would ever recover. So he prepared for the worst. He made all the arrangements with the undertaker and even went to the clothing store and bought all new cloths. 

When it came to his shirt, the salesman asked what size he needed and he answered, “A size 15!” the man answered. The salesman looked at the man and said, “No, I think you are going to need a 16 1/2!” But the man insisted, “No, I have worn a size 15 for years.” The salesman said, “That’s fine but I must warn you, if you get a size 15, your face will turn red, you will have dizzy spells and you will have bulging eyes!”

Some people are so set in their ways they will never admit the obvious. Some are unwilling to change. God has given to us His word and has told us how He wants us to live. Long ago, the wise man Solomon said, “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes; but he that harkeneth unto counsel is wise.” (Proverbs 12:15)

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