What does it take to make your day?

The day found me sitting at my desk gazing at an old buffalo skull there on the wall. It had been decorated with an eagle feather that was attached to an Indian Dreamcatcher and they were blowing gently to and fro from the slight breeze generated by a desk fan. 

Years ago, my daughter Frances had a chance to see that this relic of the past got relocated to the wall behind my computer where I could sit and study it as my mind rode across the plains watching thousands of the shaggy beasts quietly grazing and meandering toward greener pastures. And often just like today, my thoughts center on the simple things that make our day. 

Now, that can open up a whole new can of worms. I have often heard folks say, “Well, that just made my day’ What does it take to “make your day?” Yes, I know that is an open-ended query, and can result in numerous answers. So, here are my thoughts. 

I wake up each morning with a thankful heart and I thank God that I have the privilege to live in the greatest country in the world. That God inspired our forefathers to have the vision of freedom. I am thankful that they were guided to develop a plan where mankind could expect to live up to the potential that God promised.

Now if that doesn’t make your day, you are going to find it a little tough to take the next step. You see, many of us are privileged to have our sight and our hearing as well as all the other senses. So, we can see God’s creation and we can hear the bird’s song and we can smell the roses and there is so much more that time and space limits us to write about. 

Take the time to tell God thank you that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to live on earth as man, to suffer and die on the cross as he forgave us of our sins, and that on the third day He conquered death as He rose from the grave to assure us of eternal life if we would just believe! We are blessed in so many ways. And I expect we all can fill page after page about, “Well that just made my day!” 

One instance for me was a while back on a nice summer day that found me working in the yard, when a white pick-up pulled to a stop, and I saw it was my friends James Wilkey and his young bride Anna. James brought me a gift that remains a treasure in my heart. He presented me with a framed picture of an S. Omar Barker poem titled “Code of the Cow Country” and it had been put together by Johnny Watkins who at one time was the Farm Director on KWTX. 

I had watched the Johnny Watkins program many times before I had an opportunity to meet him. James had found this treasure on one of his excursions. It was not in good shape, but he cleaned it up and tightened the frame so that it was presentable because he planned for it to be a gift to his cowboy poet friend. 

The author of the poem in the frame was S. Omar Barker, a classic cowboy poet that was a rancher who wore many hats. I had memorized several of S. Omar Barkers poems and had been granted permission to use his work by the S Omar Barker Foundation, an organization that continues to keep his memory alive. So now I had a framed copy of one of his poems with Johnny Watkins info also on it. Probably not worth much, but to me it is a treasure and made more special because a friend thought enough of me to give this gift. Well sir, that just made my day!                                                   


Made My Day

A crispy cold morning, when right after chuck,

I saddled ol’ Red just knowin’ he’d buck,

I figgered what the heck, it’s just my luck,

That’s the way you start your day!


Now ol’ Red was sleepy there at sunrise,

He sure did not look like much of a prize,

But I could see mischief there in his eyes,

Knowin’ he’d sure have his say.


So, I slung my leg over an’ took a deep seat,

Tugged my hat down tight for his dance to meet,

An’ readied my body, my job was complete,

Time for him to make his play.


I felt a deep quiver, run down his spine,

Sorta matched a sneaky shakin in mine,

We was both poised, tense, as taut as a twine,

I guessed soon we’d be underway.


He took a deep breath, I knew it was time,

I readied my spurs just to be in rhyme,

As he tensed an’ pondered results of his crime,

Plannin’ to unseat me this day.


He heaved in some air an’ left this good earth,

Knowin’ I’d be cussin’ the day of his birth,

Him buckin’ an’ me holdin’ for all that we’re worth,

 Just to be best in this fray.


He turned wrong side out as he cleared the ground,

An I tell you boys, I was sure blind n’ dumfound,

He wrinkled an’ farted, an’ shook as he unwound,

Pert near left me in dismay.


He come down off-balance as he hit the dirt,

There come a slack as he ripped that saddle girt,

Well, the riggin’ came off as slick as a spurt,

An’ I scrambled loose without delay.


Now ol’ Red come to his feet an’ sure lit a shuck,

I sat there on my caboose plumb thunderstruck,

An’ thanked the Good Lord for this piece of luck,

Well sir, that just made my day!

© Ol’ Jim Cathey 


If you still have your Father, tell him, “Happy Father’s Day.!” 


Psalm 118:24    This is the day which the LORD has made; Let’s rejoice and be glad in it.

God bless each of you and God Bless America!















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