RLES sends home “Bingo”

In an effort to keep students engaged in learning activities, Rosebud-Lott Elementary Staff created a curriculum for this week (March 30 through April 3) based on the popular game of probability, Bingo. 

Students who complete a Bingo by getting five in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally will receive a prize from their teacher when they go back to school.

The district released the online version of the learning plans on their website and Facebook pages on March 25, reminding parents that hard copies would be available starting Monday, March 30, for students who need them. 

“It is a really great group of teachers and administrators who will do anything for our kids and community,” Superintendent Steve Brownlee said of the staff who worked hard to put the learning plans in place.

There are multiple bingo boards available both by and within grade level, with each concentrating on activities in separate academic subjects. 

On each board, there is a healthy range of activities that require internet access (like the “Identify The Continents And Oceans! Map Trivia Quiz!” for second grade social studies) and ones that can be completed with pencil and paper (like the math equations given to sixth grade math students.)

Healthy students are encouraged to complete a bingo on every board available for their grade in order to keep up with academic rigor. Students who complete a “blackout” (full board) on any given subject will be rewarded with an extra special prize upon return to the classroom.

Parents are required to check over students’ activities and initial the bingo board upon completion. 

“To avoid confusion, we prefer they hang on to their packets until they come back, which we hope will be really soon,” Brownlee said.

The new academic learning plans are available on the RLISD website (rlisd.org) under “Latest News.” 

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