Cougars fall to Marlin 32-18

The Rosebud-Lott Cougars football team went on the road to take on the Marlin Bulldogs on Friday. The Bulldogs defeated the Cougars 32-18. 

Marlin received to the ball to start the game. Marlin went down the field and would get a 26-yard run. Marlin came up empty on that drive as they failed to convert a fourth down attempt. The Bulldog defense held strong and forced the Cougars to punt. Rosebud-Lott would get the ball right back with an interception by Moses Fox (33). The Bulldog defense responded in a big way with a massive 101-yard pick six to give the Cougars a 7-0 deficit. The first quarter ended with Marlin leading 7-0.

Marlin stayed strong on defense and forced Rosebud-Lott to punt. Marlin responded on offense with a 10-yard touchdown run to make it a 13-0 Marlin lead after a missed extra point. The Bulldog defense came out and forced the Cougars to punt once again. Marlin exploded on offense with a 60-yard run, followed with a 23-yard run. The Bulldogs scored on a 10-yard touchdown run to Rosebud-Lott a 19-0 deficit. Rosebud-Lott responded with a nice drive that ended with a 3-yard touchdown run by Easton Fulton (65) for a score of 19-6, which would be the score going into halftime.

Marlin took the Cougars by surprise and tried an onside kick to start the second half and recovered it. The Bulldogs took advantage of that success with a 46-yard touchdown pass for a 26-6 Marlin lead. Marlin came back on offense after the would force a Rosebud-Lott fumble. The Cougars forced Marlin into a fourth and 4 and they converted it by scoring on a 29-yard touchdown pass make the Cougars deficit 32-6. Rosebud-Lott began to show some life with a 25-yard run by Fox. The Cougars marched down the field, were faced with a fourth 2 and converted it. Rosebud-Lott completed the drive, scoring on a 12-yard touchdown run by Fox for score of 32-12. The Cougar defense held tough and Marlin was forced to punt. The third quarter ended with Rosebud-Lott trailing 32-12.

Rosebud-Lott scored on a 13-yard touchdown run by Fox for 32-18 score after a failed two point try. Marlin and Rosebud-Lotts defense took turns with strong stands and forced two consecutive punts. Marlin gave the ball back to the Cougars with an interception by Ben Ford (52). The Cougars faced a fourth and 4 and converted it with a 19-yard pass by D.J. Hicks (12). That would be all that they could generate as Marlin would win 32-18. 

Up next for the Cougars will be a home game and will host the Moody Bearcats for their regular season finale. The game will be on Friday and is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

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