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Hicks enforcing safety measures among Cougars


The Rosebud-Lott Cougars kicked off the season on Aug. 28 at Leon, where they were defeated 49-34. Players exhibited teamwork, passion, and most importantly, safety on the field. 

UIL does not have strict guidelines in place for safety measures surrounding games, leaving it up to each district to decide how to move forward. 

There have been hiccups to get to this season opener, including having to cancel an upcoming game due to another district’s opening procedures, but RLISD continues to prevail.

Coaches and administrators have worked tirelessly to come up with a viable plan for safety both between football players and attendees. 

“If even one player got sick, it could wipe out our season,” said Head Coach Brandon Hicks during a Board of Trustees meeting on Aug. 24. “We have to pay attention to these things.”

The newly appointed coach laid out the guidelines for players, attendees, and visiting teams. 

A number of safety measures will be implemented, including but not limited to dividing the home and away seating, masks requirements, and enforcing capacity rules. 

Social distancing and safety is being enforced on the field too. A face covering-type shield has been added to players helmets that covers most of their face, imitating a mask, but not so close to the face. 

“I tell them that as long as they have their helmets on, they’re good,” Hicks said, calling voice to the fact that the masks are used and advised to prevent the spread from an infected person.

RLISD Superintendent James Rosebrock, also in his first year at Rosebud-Lott, concurred, stating, “we have to take this seriously.”

Locker rooms and equipment are cleaned daily, as well as masks are required in the locker room, ensuring there is little close contact between players without a mask.

“We could lose our season,” the passionate educator continued. 

This would be detrimental to the fall season in the Rosebud community, as sports games are widely attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

There are just under 400 tickets available for each game, but a quarter of those will go to players and their families, cheerleaders and band, as well as staff needs. There will also be tickets given to opposing teams for their players, etc. therefore there may not be many tickets left for community attendance. 

Tickets that are available will be sold on campus so that ticket holders can sign their liability waivers. Each ticket will be $5 each, with the option of a season pass for $20. The season pass is ideal for those who want to ensure a spot at all four home games.

The Cougars are set to rival the Wortham Bulldogs (1-0) on Friday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 p.m. at Cougar Stadium. 

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